Speed, precision and power – ATBS 2023

over 44,000 people attended a total show at Romexpo over the weekend
ATBS - credit Alex Vasiliu 2ATBS (1)

Bucharest, 12 June – Over 44,000 driving and automotive technology enthusiasts attended the Auto Total Business Show (ATBS) at Romexpo over the weekend (10-11 June), a total spectacle where exceptional drivers and athletes gave their best in terms of speed, precision and power. Organiser: AD Auto Total.

Risky stunts, controlled drifts and demonstrations of strength were the ingredients of an adrenaline-filled weekend. For the first time in Romania, the world vice-champion in motorcycle trials, Julien Perret, created dramatic moments, combining the millimetric precision of motorcycle stunts with situational humour, to the delight of the audience that joined in. There was thunderous, breathless applause for drift champions Adrian Liviu Băluț, Cosmin Ciontu, Silvio Gotsev (Bulgary), Stefan Mladenov (Bulgary) and Florin Costea, who put on a real show on the circuit. Raya Goranova (Bulgary) proved that women can cope well in the world of motorsport, pulling off impeccable drifts that impressed the audience to ecstasy.

The legendary Hercules would have felt outclassed at ATBS, where colossus Vlad Leahu and his team of strongmen put on a show of unparalleled strength. Tire flips of 400 kg, straightening with over 300 kg, 14 ton trucks moved a distance of 30 meters in just 21 seconds, were just a few of their truly superhuman performances. Iulian Moțoc was no slouch, managing to hold off two competition cars that started off in different directions.

Tuned cars of all kinds delighted onlookers. Motoring and car technology enthusiasts were treated to an exceptional visual show, with over 100 models reconditioned and accessorised down to the smallest detail.

The Auto Total Business Show, the automotive business and technology event of the year attracted over 44,000 visitors over the weekend. It was two days of inspiring talks and innovative presentations, where auto repair industry professionals had the opportunity to connect, learn and discover news of interest. Highlights included hands-on workshops and case study presentations that provided attendees with valuable insights and applicable solutions to current industry challenges” says Gabriel Zane, Marketing Director, AD Auto Total.

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