Auto Total Business Show

Auto Total Business Show is a renowned auto parts exhibition in Romania, since 2012.

The market needed such an event where one of the most important manufacturers in the world could exhibit their latest technologies and products. Moreover, the Romanian auto parts businesses needed to see what is new in the world, to interact with suppliers and to have a good time.

If the phrasing “one of the most important manufacturers in the world” may only sound like a marketing scheme and lacking supporting arguments, one can just imagine that cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ferrari or Lamborghini would not exist without the contribution of such manufactures. From filters to tires, from exhausts to headlights, from brakes to car security systems, top car brands fully rely on these companies.

Because the automobile is a primary mode of transportation for many developed economies and because we understood the need to present the latest innovations, yearly we are gathering the manufacturers all over the world.

ATBS took place every year at Romexpo Center in Bucharest at the beginning of summer. With every edition it became bigger and better. More manufacturers joined the event and more visitors got to be part of it.

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